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  1. I so agree. I even combine my writing with marketing as I do a Facebook post of an aphorism each day. Last year I wrote a small book of 84 pages. Just about to finish another one with 54 pages (Kindle only note).

    And soon about to finish a novel off a chapter a week posting it on this great site http://twimagination.com/user/thebookwright – where I am currently re-publishing my first ever “book” a page at a time.

    The way this allows you to engage with existing and new readers whilst also building rapport and expectation for forthcoming baooks


  2. Hi Karen,

    Another timely blog entry, I have recently started tweeting and split my top tips to be tweeted through the week. Like a Tip#1 on Monday, Tip#2 on Tuesday, they can click on the link to read the entire blog article..

    It makes it easier than having to write an entire article each day which I don’t have time to do.

    Facebook is my next target ;)


  3. Hi Karen
    I have read a few of your posts now, and really agree with your thoughts :)
    Keeping going is so important, and I have developed a morning routine which lets me update all my social media in around 30 minutes.I dare say it could be quicker if I didn’t get sidetracked! I really enjoy sourcing articles and links for my FB page, and in doing so, can see at last that FB could be a useful marketing tool.
    I enjoy reading your posts; they make a lot of sense to a marketing-newbie :)


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