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  1. Jo Bale

    I have been considering this very carefully ion recent weeks!

    Having sold my share of my old business last summer I’m now ready for a new project and this was one of the first analysis activities I did. I think it’s important to keep the exercise positive so I ensured I planned a constructive way to avoid what I felt were weak points or poor decisions aspartame of the exercise.

    I’m looking forward to emerging again in September & hope to see you there Alice!


  2. I would listen to my gut more! There were times when I made decisions that were “logical”, I checked references, I believed what people told me (I swallowed the BS line …..aka sounded good at the time, aka sales job…..but as I look back over my notes NONE proved to be true) and my gut was screaming “run a mile”. It cost me 3 months of time, energy, and money! Why we don’t listen to our gut more is a mystery…I think women’s intuition is pretty good (I think mine is) but I try to “logic” and reason away with cold hard facts to justfy why I make certain decisions. After 35 working years I’m learning that I have to trust myself more than strangers! I’m the best boss I have! (Self Employed).

    A British transplant in the USA where the economy is just terrible and I’m having to rebrand myself again!
    Thanks for a great article.


  3. It’s a yes and no answer to that I think. Sometimes we have to go through the pain and get things wrong to know what’s right. It’s part of the learning and I think an essential part of setting up and running your own business. There’s lots of good advice and guidance out there, but I think most of us just have to do what feels or seems right to us and make our own mistakes. The key is knowing that at some point you must stop and peek over the parapet, and be prepared to make some possibly tough decisions. Because of this I can’t say I regret anything I’ve done in the last couple of years, it’s been a journey, continues to be a journey, and it’s my journey.


  4. OK, so things I wish I’d done sooner:

    - Work with other people/businesses who have a similar ethos and work towards a shared vision together rather than all trying to work on our own

    - Do more and better market research with someone who’s independent (very different answers when someone else is doing the asking because people don’t tell you what they think you want to hear!) – the insights have been extremely interesting

    - Focus, get my training product finished and commit to a date to start promoting it. All in development now and exciting beyond belief!

    There are loads of other things because it evolves all the time.


  5. I am going to start again – in September. I’m taking the summer off to totally reform my business. During that time I will look at my planning, strategies, processes, cash flow, automated methods, online presence, how I offer my services, what kind of client I will take on – in fact, absolutely everything!

    Sometimes it’s a good idea to just STOP – and take a bird’s eye view of your business. Mine wasn’t doing well (I’m the first to admit it) so if I am to continue in the future, a massive overhaul is definitely needed. It may take a long time (whether I’ll be ready by September I just don’t know) but it will take as long as it will take and I’m not going to get stressed about it. But when I do resurface, boy, there will certainly be a difference!


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