3 Responses to “My 2011 Influencers – can they help shape your 2012?”


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  1. Dear Karen I met you in 2006 when you ran the Business course for women at the University of Surrey. You got me on my path and have stayed as a true supporter since. And during this time you have grown and grown and I am always amazed how you re invent the wheel.
    Thank you so much for including me in this amazing group, I am humbled and excited to hopefully meet all you some day soon. (and to read your book!)

    Go,go, go for it!


  2. Wow, thanks Karen!

    You were one of the first people I found and followed on Twitter back in 2009 and look where that got me!

    You continue to inspire me today and I’m honoured to be included in your list, and among such great talents too – thank you.

    Here’s to rocking it in 2012!


  3. Wow! Thank you Karen. Fantastic post. I can personally vouch for a few of your influencers too – the fabulous Elizabeth Cairns and the very inspiring Tom Evans. Thank you too for being a great friend. Here’s to a cracking 2012


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