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  1. Hi Karen
    I totally agree with collaborating with others with the same or similar skills as oneself. I look for as many opportunities as I can to work with others – as you say it’s a win-win and the client wins too.


  2. Hi Karen,

    I think you’re absolutely right. At networking events, I like to talk to people who are hypnotherapists like me. It may seem like they’re competition, but if they specialise in an area that I don’t, I can refer clients to them and vice versa e.g. I don’t do sports performance and they don’t do hypnobirthing. As Julia says, it’s win-win. Linking up with other therapists, like nutritionists and reflexologists is good too, to be able to suggest a holistic approach to clients. Most therapists I meet seem open to this, although that’s not always the case…..


  3. hey Karen .. that’s a perfect idea to pitch for a win-win business deal. Adding a bit of enthusiasm can definitely strike the deal through.


  4. Hi Karen

    I work in Recruitment and specialise in finding CNC engineers across the UK

    I’m also part of a network called TEAM of around 600 independent Recruiters that regularly share business and have added value to their bottom line by seeing their potential competitors as potential partners.




  5. Great article, Karen. I totally agree. If you can find someone to help promote your products and services, or if you can do that for someone else, it’s a win-win situation. I think a lot of business owners overlook this, though, because they’ve been used to the concept of competition, rather than collaboration. I’m looking forward to this month’s Web Tech call – I’m definitely up for collaborating with other business owners!


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